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Our Policy is Your Peace of Mind
How your Insurance policy responds is a concept that leaves most people scratching their heads. It is complicated. So complicated that licensed agents have to complete mandatory education each year.

So why do you think it is so simple that you can buy online with no assistance. The truth is you can. The REAL truth is that you are being sold what the company wants you to buy not necessarily what you need to properly protect you and your most valuable assets.

If you are looking for Homeowners, Car Insurance, Life, or coverage for your toys like a Cycle, RV or Boat, we are here to help.

So for a no obligation coverage evaluation give us a call @ 239-656-5551 or enter your info on our website www.lciquotes.com  for a quote. Insurance has become a very specialized and personalized purchase. It's more than just a driving record, Data mining has opened the doors for drastic discounts that you may not know how to get. But it can also cost you money if you don't know how to answer some questions.

Our agents can help you thru the maze and confusion. Don't be fooled, agents are free and we are here to help you so you don't make a poor decision. www.lciquotes.com  or 239-656-5551
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